Flaky people

There’s something important about seeing your commitments through. It builds the trust on which societies function.

Flaky people tend to pursue their self-interest. They’ve been told they should only do what makes them happy, and if their commitments aren’t making them happy that day they should abandon them. They hop from one high-paying job to another, one spouse to another, one city to another. They’ve bought into the idea that they should always be seeking their next promotion, whether it’s a new job or a new marriage certificate. They look down on people who’ve lived the same life for forty years, all the while praising them in public for it. Flaky people are always and everywhere full of shit.

I guess we’re always going to have flaky people, but flaky people don’t exist without salt of the earth people, just as Corn Flakes don’t exist without added salt for preservation. Salt of the earth people know their neighbors; they live across the street from their parents; they go to Church on Sundays; they build the cities that flaky people flock to.

Corn gets all the attention in Corn Flakes, but our bodies can live without corn. Our bodies cannot live without salt.