Your butt

Almost every time I write a blog post it’s a gift for one particular person: “Here, I wrote this for you. I hope you like it, and I hope it changes you for the better.” Other people might like it or not, but that doesn’t matter; it only matters how it changed that one person.

When you post a picture highlighting the circumference and outline of your butt, what is that for? Is it a gift? Does it change anyone for the better?

Let’s admit that the only reason you’d subject yourself to this kind of behavior is to generate a lot of ‘likes.’ Silicon Valley loves when you fall for this trap because it profits when users spend more time on its platform. It loves when you pander.

The thing is, once you ask “How many likes?” you can’t also then care about any one of those ‘likers’.

Because connecting is not the same thing as caring.