How to become more resilient

I suppose you could climb Mount Everest, but it doesn’t seem practical.

Really though, I don’t think you need to do much of anything. I think you need to respond differently to what’s already happening.

Humans are conscious beings. Consciousness is the space in which we experience sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts, and dreams*. Notice I did not say, “Consciousness is the feeling.” I said “Consciousness is the space in which the feeling occurs.”

Here’s the take-home point: Emotions like anger, fear, and happiness are all appearances in the space of consciousness, not consciousness itself. You can experience the space with the emotion in it, rather than identifying with the emotion. Rather than saying, “I am scared,” you don’t say anything at all, and simply experience.

Once you get better at noticing the distinction you’re also becoming more resilient.

[*As an aside, neuroscientists and philosophers don’t have the faintest idea of why the brain produces consciousness at all. It is one of the most interesting problems scientists are working on today.]