If you don’t like Fredonia’s food

I hear complaints about the food all the time, and I’m torn in my response.

On one hand, college is a business, and students and families are the customers. In any business, if your customers are complaining in mass about some aspect of your operation you ought to listen to them and take action.

And yet, on the other hand, let’s not pretend like this issue isn’t directly under the student’s control. The student could choose to go to college somewhere else. The student could choose to go grocery shopping and cook, eating much better for a fraction of the price. Or, God forbid, the student could just stop being a picky eater.

Of course, the later solution is inconvenient and frightening to the student, but that might be just what she needs, because I’m guessing she’s grown up with enough convenience and comfort to make kings of yesteryear stand in awe of her.

[PS: I love the end of this two-minute bit.]