3 tips for improving your mental health

I can only speak from personal experience on this topic. I’m obviously not a resource for specific mental health disorders, and please don’t expect three tips to cure you. That said, these might be helpful things to incorporate into your life:

  1. Sleep: It’s awfully hard to ruminate on your thoughts while you’re sleeping, for one, but two, people who are well-rested aren’t as stress-reactive to the thoughts they have in the first place. Going to bed early enough to wake up without an alarm is a nice start.
  2. Friends: Loneliness is a tremendous–albeit often unconscious–source of stress, and friends are the antidote. Online friends don’t count.
  3. Anything that gets you out of your mind and into your body: If you’re an athlete this might be a sport. If you’re a music major it might be a piano. It can be exercise, meditation, writing, walking, drawing, whatever.

Just note that once you check your phone you’re out of your body, back in your mind, away from your friends, and certainly not sleeping.