You on your phone

You’ve probably heard about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave:

Plato thought the vast majority of people are metaphorically chained-up in a cave, and everything they see are but shadows of real things. He likened philosophers to people who have escaped their shackles and found reality. Let’s fast-forward to today.

Imagine being a person on the left, looking at shadows. That’s you looking at your phone.

Now observe the people in white, holding the figures. Those are the engineers in Silicon Valley dictating what you see on your phone. If they want to change what you see, and hence, what you believe, they can.

The people on the right have figured out that pixels aren’t reality. You may have yet to meet any of them.

The people on the right might want to stop back in for the puppet show from time-to-time, but it sure seems nice to have options.