What student-athletes said in 2018

Favorite quotes from my conversations with student-athletes in 2018:

Alyson Baumann, Women’s Swimming and Diving, 2020:

“When a lot of people pick their classes they just think, “Which class is easiest? Which teacher will give me an easy ‘A’?” I think it’s important to take something that you’re interested in, and if you don’t get an ‘A’ you don’t get an ‘A.’ My freshman year I decided to take psychology and I did not do well in it, but now I want to take a psychology minor because I think it’s so interesting. A lot of people are too scared to pick up minors because they don’t want to ruin their GPA, but I think it’s important to learn as much as you can and expand your horizons.”

Full interview: “Chasing Perfection On Her Own Terms: Alyson Baumann on Improving In Swimming And School

Bill Bradley, Men’s Swimming and Diving, 2018:

“You know, as far as sports are concerned I feel like people easily lose sight of what’s important. This is Division III swimming–nobody’s getting a scholarship. I met a kid over winter break who swims for East Michigan State. He told me that if he weren’t getting scholarship money he wouldn’t be swimming in college. That’s crazy to me, to go through all that without wanting something out of it besides money. A lot of people get mad with swimmers who quit the team, but I don’t see the point. Some people clearly don’t care about swimming. They don’t enjoy it, so they quit.”

Full interview: “A Philosophy Of Swimming: An Interview With Senior Bill Bradley Before SUNYAC Championships

Lauren Cullinan, Women’s Soccer, 2021

“Everything I’m thinking about stems back to work ethic and determination. It’s hard for me to understand why someone would complain about how someone else gets more playing time, or does better in the gym, or does better in school, when you have the ability to do what that person is doing just by applying yourself. You might have to apply yourself more than that other person, but you can still be where they are, or better. “

Full interview: “Determined: Lauren Cullinan On Confidence, Taking Feedback, And Becoming A Great Soccer Player

Mike Freeman, Men’s Ice Hockey, 2019

“In my household growing up it was always, “Why didn’t you take the garbage out?” I’d make up some excuse as a little kid and my mom’s like, “No, you need to take care of your stuff before you get to have fun.” You don’t make an excuse if you can’t get something done; you either find a way to get it done or you don’t. And if you don’t you learn from it and get better so one day you can get it done. That’s just how I try to operate and live my life. A big part of what I realized last year is that this isn’t school anymore–it’s just life. So you need to take care of your stuff or you’re not going to be successful in anything–there’s no excuse to be made. The world doesn’t care about your excuses; your boss doesn’t care about your excuses; get it done.”

Full interview: “Leading Fredonia Hockey: Mike Freeman On Emotional Intelligence, Culture, And Why The World Doesn’t Care About Your Excuses

Anna Chiacchia, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis, 2020

“I think people just need to learn how to work hard. Everyone’s so lazy nowadays. That’s the thing that was huge for my parents: People are just lazy. That’s why people don’t succeed. It’s not because they lack the skills or lack the capabilities in general, it’s because they’re lazy. A lot of people don’t accomplish their goals because they are usually sitting around or wasting their time with distractions like video games or social media.

[ . . . ]

Yes, they’re like, “Oh, I’m lazy. Oh, I can’t do it. Oh, I’m failing, whatever.” You’ll hear that all the time, instead of working hard and trying to get better. That’s a lot of why people don’t do well in class, or don’t come to workouts, or turn in assignments late. They just accept their laziness. How are you okay with that?”

Full interview: “Industrious: Anna Chiacchia On Work Ethic, Laziness, Alcohol, And Letting Go Of The Need To Be Liked