Don’t pull out

The stock market has lost 20% of its value over the past two months. Here’s a six-month summary of a fund I’m invested in.

Ouch. Here’s 12 months:

More ouch. This is the type of performance that generates headlines like “Will The Stock Market Plummet Kill The Job Market In 2019?” (Forbes) and “The stock market just booked its ugliest Christmas Eve Plunge — ever.” (MarketWatch). People are selling stocks left and right.

But here’s a look at how my fund has performed over the past five years:

In perspective, it doesn’t look so bad. Here’s 20 years:

Now it just looks like a blip on the radar–hardly worth noticing.

The stock market is a wonderful metaphor for just about anything worth doing: Getting fit, making money, earning a starting spot, seeing your abs, increasing your GPA, whatever motivates you.

You’re going to win if just you keep at it, because most people will pull out too soon.