A message for seniors and freshmen

Seniors have a unique pain point: This is their last year playing college sports.

Freshmen have a completely different pain point: They’re confused.

For seniors, it’s their last chance to win a championship. It’s their last time to be with this friend group. They’ll never get anything like this again, and if the opportunity is squandered they’ll regret it forever.

For freshmen, they’re adapting to the demands of being a student-athlete and to being away from their parents. They’re trying to figure out where they fit in on this team and on this campus.

A lot of frustration lies between these pain points, between these groups that have a hard time understanding each other. Seniors have to forgive freshmen if they can’t understand the importance of winning. Freshmen have to forgive seniors if they appear pushy and unforgiving in the midst of their internal strife.

Empathy is the bridge: “I understand that you don’t want what I want.”