Painful body fat

I just ran a Google search for “how to lose fat.” I was surprisingly impressed with the information it returned.

But information isn’t the problem, and it hasn’t been for at least 20 years. The problem is the motivation to change, and people are most motivated to change when they’re in pain. For example:

Even though I know coffee can cause irritable bowel syndrome I’m not likely to stop drinking it unless my large intestine starts hurting. Even though I know sleep decreases stress I’m not likely to spend more time in bed unless I’ve intimately felt how it eases an anxiety attack.

Even though stronger athletes perform better you’re not likely to strength train unless your coach says, “If you don’t increase your squat numbers you’re not playing.” Even though you know french fries increase belly fat you’re not likely to stop eating them unless you actually see the evidence from the Bod Pod.

Everyone has their pain points; we benefit when someone generously pokes them for us.