The four cases of the Bod Pod

Students tend to fall into one of four psychographics given the opportunity to find out their body fat percentage:

  1. The true believers: These students are excited to know their body fat percentage. They easily visualize the link between optimal body fat and optimal performance. It’s a fun game for them to play.
  2. The disinterested: These students treat finding out their body fat percentage like they treat their annual physical. They know it’s necessary but it’s not exactly getting them out of bed in the morning.
  3. The frightened: These students are scared of finding out they’re fat, and hence unattractive, and hence unloved, and hence they will be lonely and miserable forever and die.
  4. The avoiders: For personal reasons, these students shouldn’t be measuring their weight or body fat at all.

You might picture the four cases as a bell curve, with the majority of students being classified as either disinterested or frightened, and a minority of students as either true believers or avoiders.

It’s not realistic , or even necessary, to expect an avoider to become a true believer. But I think it’s good if we can move an avoider to being merely frightened. And if we can move someone who’s frightened to merely disinterested, that’s good too. And so on.

One psychographic isn’t necessarily better than another; you are where happen to be. But the decision to move from one to another, in the face of fear or procrastination, is courageous and worthy of your time.

Also worth mentioning; Which psychographic you fall into has little to do with how much body fat you have. Someone with 35% body fat can be more at ease than someone with 15%.