Ryan’s secret tips

In fact, none of these tips are secrets. They are all free and obvious:

1. Sleep

I’ve heard all of your excuses: “I don’t naturally sleep at night.” “I’m too busy to sleep.” “I’m so ambitious that I’ll forego sleep to accomplish my goals.” “Look at how great I am for not sleeping.” “I function fine without sleep.”

You’re not great, and you’re not functioning fine. You’re used to functioning poorly, and you’re being stupid.

Sleep is necessary for learning, sport performance, weight loss, easing anxiety and depression, creativity, injury healing, injury prevention, and everything else good in this world. If you’re not sleeping 8-9 hours per night you’re probably not doing anything else well.

2. There is no number two. Sleep is so magical that if you’re not willing to figure it out there’s nothing else I can do for you.

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