Twitter doesn’t let you turn off notifications from people you follow. You can turn off notifications from people you don’t follow, or from people who don’t follow you, but you can’t turn off notifications from those you follow.

Because if you could, it would destroy Twitter’s business model.

When you log into Twitter there’s a small delay before it shows you how many notifications you have. It might be half-a-second, or a second, or a full two seconds before you see your notifications. Of course most of the time you have no new notifications.

This is exactly how a slot machine works. It makes you wait in great anticipation for a potential reward–usually no reward. I recently noticed that Twitter is using profile icons for new tweets before you scroll up. It looks exactly like a slot machine.

If you look closely you’ll notice that you hold your breath and a pressure rises in your chest as you wait to see your notifications. This action, repeated over and over again, is the same one that’s known to cause panic attacks.

Your mind and body are being hacked by Silicon Valley, but there’s a solution: Quit using Twitter.

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