Your GPA

Nobody cares what your GPA is after you graduate. Nobody.

Sure, you might brag about it in conversation. You might enjoy looking at your old Dean’s List certificates, and sure, there’s a small chance that a low GPA could derail your career plans, though that’s less likely than it seems.

You’ll soon stop listing your GPA on your resume. You’ll stop writing summa cum laude next to the college you graduated from. You’ll stop doing these things because you’ll realize that nobody cares about them.

Today a freshman told me about a piece of advice she got from her business professor: Start a project that benefits Fredonia’s community. It’s brilliant advice.

This student wants to be a CEO of a company one day. Why wait? Be the CEO of whatever you start right now, because people only care what you start and how it can help them.

Go start something.

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