My time

My time is the most important thing I have. Once I spend it I can’t earn more.

So I do not allow notifications on my phone. No text alerts, voicemail alerts, e-mail alerts, and good god no social media alerts. Other people should not be allowed to interrupt me whenever they please. If I want to know about these things I actually have to open the app, each time thinking, “Do I absolutely need to check this right now?” (No.)

The only way you can get in touch with me is by calling, and even then I don’t feel pressured to pick up. It’s amazing how few people need your help after you stop picking up your phone.

I do not play video games. I rarely watch television, including sports, awards shows, news, and other things people tell me are important. And besides posting my blog, I almost never use social media.

I work 45 hours per week–never more. The only reason I work more is if I really want to. If someone asks me to work on the weekend I say “no.” If someone asks me to work outside of my normal business hours I say “no.” If someone asks me to do something outside my contractual obligation I think very carefully, then usually say “no.”

My strategies might not work for you, but it’s important to remember that busy is a decision. Nobody made you take on the work you’re drowning in.

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