Not getting voted captain

People vote with their feelings, not with rational thought.

Almost nobody voted for Donald Trump with a thorough understanding of the consequences of his election. People were outraged by the politics in Washington D.C. They were scared for their financial futures. They wanted something to rally behind, and nationalism was an easy escape.

Almost nobody voted for Brexit with a thorough understanding of what it would do to Europe. People were scared of immigration, and they were scared that Britain was losing its identity. Again, nationalism was an easy escape.

It’s not at all clear that these were the best decisions, and it’s not clear that the people who made them did so with a good understanding of the long-term well being of humanity.

Nor is it clear that everyone deserved a vote in these elections, because very few people did the work to understand the consequences of the results. Democracy is the best system we have, but it’s far from perfect.

The European Union has no reason to feel bad that Britain divorced it. No candidate who lost to Trump should feel ashamed. And you have no reason to feel sad that you were not voted a captain.

Sure, learn what you can from your defeat, but don’t let it eat at you. The popular vote is the popular vote, and playing the popularity game is dangerous, indeed.

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