The Followership Seminar

This Sunday marks the plenary session of Fredonia Athletics’s Leadership Seminar.

Leadership training is a sorely missing piece from the college experience. If I’m an employer hiring a 22-year-old college graduate, the first question I’m asking is, “Can this person lead?” This seminar is critical.

But you’re probably not invited. After all, everyone can’t lead at the same time, but anyone and everyone can follow:

Can you embrace someone’s good idea, even if you think yours is better?

Can you give someone else the credit, even if you think you made that thing happen?

Can you accept painful criticism, or will you fight to maintain the status quo?

Can you accept less money for the betterment of the company, or will you be like Le’Veon Bell and hold out until you get what you’re worth (and ruin my fantasy football season)?

Start your own Followership Seminar in your brain, right now.

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