Before going downtown

Decide why you’re going.

“Why I’m going? What do you mean, Ryan? I’m going to get drunk with my friends.”

No, that’s not why you’re going. That’s what you’re doing. In fact, you have no idea why you’re going.

The United States still holds televised Presidential debates before each election. This, despite the fact that fewer and fewer people are watching television and most people have long-since used the internet to understand candidates’ positions. So why do we have televised Presidential debates?

It’s taken for granted that a baby shower is a gathering of women, because after all, parenting is exclusively a woman’s job. This, despite the fact that women make up 46.8% of the workforce and that dads are just as likely as moms to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity. So why are baby showers exclusively for women?

Fredonia’s President held her annual picnic for the campus on Friday. Give free food and free drinks to the entire campus and a lot of faculty and staff tend to show up. I went, and yes, I got a little drunk.

But that’s not why I went; that’s what I did. I went to meet other faculty and staff members in a nonthreatening environment, because Fredonia is a better community when people know each other. That’s why the event took place, and that’s why my getting a little drunk had meaning.

Fredonia’s students don’t suffer from a crisis of binge drinking as much as they do from a lack of meaning.

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