The Twins

Fredonia’s volleyball team just graduated twins. This year’s incoming freshmen hear a lot about how athletic they were, how impactful they were, and how genetically gifted they were.

But I remember recruiting the twins out of high school, and I remember their freshman year.

I remember when they didn’t get much playing time. I remember when they lacked confidence. I remember when 35-pound split squats were hard for them, and when preseason testing didn’t go great for them.

At some point over four years the twins became essential. They became starters. They became confident. They became the kind of people who could do 55-pound split squats and could breeze through (most) of preseason.

At some point, “the twins” became, “The Twins.”

I wish more stories were told about how driven the twins were to improve, because they weren’t always “The Twins.”

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