Fredonia’s most hated coaches

I suspect Fredonia’s most hated coaches are the same ones who give the most important feedback for your growth. Indeed, tough love hurts.

The correlation isn’t perfect, but it’s close.

[Extra: An excerpt from Ray Dalio’s Principles on receiving feedback that hurts:

Remember to reflect when you experience pain.

Remember this: The pain is all in your head. If you want to evolve, you need to go where the problems and the pain are. By confronting the pain, you will see more clearly the paradoxes and problems you face. Reflecting on them and resolving them will give you wisdom. The harder the pain and the challenge, the better.

Because these moments of pain are so important, you shouldn’t rush through them. Stay in them and explore them so you can build a foundation for improvement. Embracing your failures–and confronting the pain they cause you and others–is the first step toward genuine improvement; it is why confession precedes forgiveness in many societies. Psychologists call this “hitting bottom.” If you keep doing this you will convert the pain of facing your mistakes and weaknesses into pleasure and ‘get to the other side’ as I explained (earlier).” (p. 353).]

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