I cheat on tests

Right now I’m learning to code Java using Treehouse.

Each course has a series of videos, and each video is followed by a short test. I cheat on almost all the tests.

First I follow along with the video tutorial, then I do my best on the subsequent quiz. Once I’m stuck–and I almost always get stuck–I go back through the video and try to piece it together. If I’m still stuck I Google the answer. I read through the logic of the answer, making every effort to comprehend it.

The instructors at Treehouse don’t care if you cheat. In fact, they want you to cheat because that’s how you learn. They’ve created forums where “cheating” is expected because they don’t want you to be stuck in frustration.

The reason this system works is because the students actually want to learn the material. They are enrolled in the educational journey of learning to code.

You’re all enrolled at Fredonia, but that doesn’t mean you’re enrolled at Fredonia.

I’m not sure what you’re going to do with this story, but in 191 words I just defined your predicament as a college student.

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