All Girls Are the Same

This is the title of one of the most popular songs in the United States, by nineteen-year-old rapper, Juice WRLD. Here’s a snippet from the song:

“Hey, these girls are insane
All girls are the same
They’re rotting my brain, love
Think I need a change
Before I go insane, love

Don’t worry Juice WRLD, I think I can help with your confusion. Let’s consider a concept called “Occam’s razor”.

In the fourteenth century there was a guy named William of Ockham who studied logic. His principle, which came to be known as Occam’s razor, says that in trying to explain an occurrence the simplest answer is the most likely.  Said another way, we should accept the explanation that makes the fewest assumptions.

In this case, the occurrence is Juice WRLD’s discontent with girls. There are two possible explanations:

  1. All Girls Are the Same
  2. Something is wrong with Juice WRLD’s interaction with girls.

Which explanation makes fewer assumptions: that billions of girls are all the same, or that there is something Juice WRLD needs to change about himself?

I’m betting on the latter, and judging by the song’s popularity I’d say there are a lot of men that need to change too.

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