Your major isn’t relevant

Tim Ferriss’s podcast is the most popular of all time. He interviews the world’s greatest performers, artists, and entrepreneurs, collecting their stories and distilling the techniques they use to achieve success.

In his most recent episode, Ferriss noticed something interesting. Over the years, an unusually high number of his podcast guests were philosophy majors in college. Even more of his guests wish they had been philosophy majors.

To students and families worried about their economic futures, philosophy isn’t a very practical thing to study. Yet philosophy teaches you how to think, how to reason, how to write, how to speak, and how to debate. It teaches you how to ask questions, and how to be curious. Instead of teaching you one narrow field, it teaches you ideas that apply to many.

With few exceptions, it would seem having ideas that apply to many fields is practical, indeed. Lots of majors can get you that.

[As for me, I wouldn’t change my career for anything, but I do wish I’d majored in English.]

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