Do you suffer from runner’s block?

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. Before the 1940’s, the phrase didn’t even exist.

The reason there’s no such thing as writer’s block is that there’s no such thing as talker’s block. There’s no such thing as talker’s block because there’s no such thing as thinker’s block. Nobody has trouble talking or thinking, so why should it be difficult to put those words in writing?

It isn’t. There’s just a fear of writing poorly. If I can’t write well, I’m too scared to write at all.

Likewise, there’s no such thing as runner’s block. Starting a running program for the first time is extremely difficult, painful even. The novice assumes the pain is a sign that she’s not meant to run. But that’s silly, because we know that running is supposed to be difficult the first time, getting easier the more you do it.

There’s also no such thing as lifter’s block. An experienced powerlifter doesn’t get very sore after a day of heavy lifting — she’s too strong for that. The novice does, because she’s not as strong yet.

There’s certainly likes and dislikes, injuries, and exercises that will get you further towards your goal, and exercises that won’t. But no, there’s no block.

There’s just fear.

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