Servant leadership

A servant-leader isn’t trying to be a servant-leader. That’s arrogant: “I’m here to help you.” Give me a break.

Paradoxically, a servant-leader doesn’t think of herself as a leader. Outside of the basics of self-care she doesn’t spend much time thinking about herself at all. She’s just following her conscience, being herself.

Is there a heaven?

If there’s no Heaven then you might as well get yours now. Get all your money. Get all your honor. Get all your power. Get all your good times in now before you die. Screw everyone else.

But if there’s a Heaven you’re doing it somewhat backwards. You’re called to give to the poor, to give away praise, raise others up, and counteract pleasure with restraint. Charity, humility, meekness, and temperance. You’re called to a life of the classical virtues.

You can look at the behavior of a country, city, town, or individual and pretty quickly discern if they think there’s a Heaven or not.

Shy guys

Guys: girls want you to come talk to them, especially if you’re tall, muscular, and nice. It’s a pretty low bar. The problem, girls say, is that “all the guys you want to come talk to you are the shy ones.”

To be shy is to think too much about yourself. Stop thinking about yourself. Think about her. Go talk to her.

Walking red flags

1) Muscle shirts

2) Excessive make-up

3) Colorful hair

4) Tight pants

5) Cleavage

6) “Influencers”

7) More than, like, five piercings.

8) More than, like, two tattoos.

9) Liars

10) People who are passionate about yoga.

Looking good naked

I’m more interested in people looking good with clothes on, because unless you’re insane, 99.9% of people will see you with clothes on.

For men this means being tall, with broad shoulders, a thick neck, big lats and forearms, and muscular legs and calves (note I did not mention visible abs). For women this means being young, with a low waist-to-hip ratio, full lips, and, let’s just say reproductive organs that indicate child-bearing capacity (note I did not mention the word “skinny”).

All of the above is visible with normal clothes on.

People who try to reveal their bodies with some combination of cut-off sleeves, crop tops, sports bras, and Gymshark-sponsored circus uniforms are only displaying their neediness, narcissism, or worse, both.

Steer clear of the clowns.

If you like her, ask her out

It’s pretty simple: if you see an attractive girl, go talk to her. If you like talking to her, ask her out.

If you continue to like talking to her and going out with her, continue this until you marry her. If you don’t continue to like talking to her and going out with her, tell her you’re not interested anymore; no further explanation needed.

But don’t stare at a girl you like. Don’t ignore a girl you like. Get the job done and move on.

The Deshaun Watson scandal

It is the topic of my newsletter this week, which starts with:

If you wanted to design the perfect environment for the would-be assailer, then you couldn’t do much better than a closed, quiet, dimly-lit room with soft music playing, in which a beautiful young woman puts her hands all over a rich, famous, powerful, not to mention naked man in the name of “therapy.” Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns quarterback who was just suspended for six games for doing some weird, inappropriate, and/or illegal stuff with female masseuses, should be held accountable for his actions. Indeed, maybe a six-game suspension isn’t enough. But I’m also getting tired of all this dishonesty. 

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Netflix Originals

I’m skeptical of Netflix Originals, not because they’re necessarily good or bad, but because they’re new. New TV and film is necessarily unproven, and so it’s a crapshoot whether or not it’s going to waste your time.

When Netflix carries a movie from 1972 it’s not because they’re trying to make a quick buck. It’s because that movie is good. I’m a big fan of “old”–old books, old movies, old washing machines–because old things that are still around have stood the test of time. They have proven themselves to be good.

It takes a little discipline to get through Citizen Kane, but once you do it might change your life. Squid Game was great and all, but I doubt it’s still around in a hundred years.

Casual sex on college campuses

Women outnumber men on college campuses, which means men have a sexual selection advantage over women. Fewer men means more competition for each man, which means each man can get away with being less desirable to the available women.

Men are much more likely than women to want casual sex. Women are much more likely than men to want emotional commitment. The gender discrepancy on campus dictates that women conform themselves to male sexual preferences, which means we have a whole bunch of women walking around thinking they want casual sex, even though they don’t.

The solution? I don’t know. Women going on “sexual strike” and shaming the scabs for their promiscuity?