“Boys are stupid”

I can understand why college-aged girls think this today:

*College enrollments now skew 60% female, 40% male. Fifty years ago this was the reverse.

*College graduates make a lot more money over their lifetimes than non-college graduates. The women I know don’t like to be the breadwinners of their families, even if they must be.

*80% of American men were employed in 1970. 67% of men are employed today, and that number is projected to keep falling.

*Academically, college boys routinely underperform college girls. GPAs and SAT scores are lower across the board.

*Young men are addicted to pornography and video games, and while there may be some tangential benefits to these activities they do not benefit the face-to-face conversational skills and empathy men need to court women. Women have their own addictions, but those addictions are more social (media).

*College-aged girls sometimes tell me that “Boys on team X are weird,” and they’re right. They’re weird because they don’t know how to talk to people, and women associate weirdness with dangerousness.

The forecast is gloomy. I don’t know that today’s college-aged girls have the luxury of waiting for a boy to walk up to her and sweep her off her feet.