Things I think about Fred Fest

1) I think Fred Fest is a remarkable end-of-the-year tradition that has served an important role for Fredonia since 1980.

2) I think the event was probably better when it was mostly on-campus and the drinking age in New York was 18. Here are some pictures from the first “Fredoniafest”, courtesy of journalism professor Elmer Ploetz:

fredoniafest 1980 001.jpg

fredoniafest 1980 004.jpg

fredoniafest 1980 002.jpg

fredoniafest 1980 007.jpg

3) I think in 1984 when the drinking age was raised to 21, Fred Fest was fated to become what it is today: not technically Fred Fest, and entirely off-campus. I think Fred Fest is continually reacting to what happens in the wider culture.

4) I think I agree with the mythologist Michael Meade: “Most people have heard the old African proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ Fewer know that the second part of the proverbial statement suggests that if young people are not fully invited into life they will burn the village down.”

And hence, the ‘F’ gets stolen.

[I suppose it behooves me to say that these opinions are my own.]

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