What you should do with your life

I don’t know what you should do with your life, but you probably do. You do even if you don’t know you do.

When a student-athlete asks me what she should do with her life, she’s not asking for my help as much as she’s using me as a sounding board to figure it out on her own. We’re all born with this felt sense of what is “right” in our lives. In other words, we all have intuition.

I quoted Chase Jarvis’s idea about intuition in my last e-mail newsletter:

“I value intuition massively. Over the next chapter of history I think we’re going to find that intuition is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. There are two ways of thinking about intuition: One is your gut. You can feel it in your body. You know the right answer. Every time you’ve looked back–whether to keep dating this person or to quit a job–you can almost always say that at your core you had a really strong feeling one way or another.

The second part of intuition that I’m hearing about recently is that our bodies are recording data all the time–our memories, our emotions, all those things–we take in billions of pieces of data but we only (consciously) make use of a small amount of it. This theory about intuition is that while we are recording these billions of data points throughout our lives we actually have an archive of those in the cells of our body, and intuition is sort of the parsing of that. To me, this is intuition.” (Link to audio, begins at 59:00).

When in doubt, stop thinking about your options altogether.

[This is my favorite scene from Harry Potter–a wonderful metaphor for following one’s intuition.]

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