Not Your Average Gym

Two student employees just started a Twitter account for Fredonia’s fitness center, @NotUrAverageGym

There’s no content posted yet, but I’m told it will feature interviews with patrons and fun musings from employees. I’m excited to see what they come up with–it might encourage more students to use the fitness center.

As a fitness center employee, you can only be so good at handing out locker keys. You can only be so good at folding towels and cleaning machines. Everyone is equally good at being a fitness center employee assuming they show up on time wearing the prescribed blue t-shirt. It’s not difficult.

Acts of initiative are difficult, because there are no instructions.

You might not want to hear this, but it’s been my experience that very few employers care what your GPA was in college. They usually don’t care what college you went to or what you majored in. They don’t care that you were a “Fitness Center Desk Attendant.”

They care what you built. They care what you did that was outside the box. They care about what you failed at. They care about creativity. They care that you increased the amount of students using the fitness center.

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