What I buy at the Fredonia Farmers’ Market

I do most of my shopping for cheap at Aldi, but some foods are worth paying more for at Fredonia Farmers’ Market:

Eggs from Roo Haven Farm. Eggs bought from a store are usually pale yellow in color. Eggs from Roo Haven Farm are bright yellow-orange, indicating higher nutritional content. Here is a good example of what that looks like.

Vegetables from Gong Garden. When possible, it makes sense to buy vegetables that are locally in-season than having them shipped in from across the country.

Honey and maple syrup from DeGolier’s. Here is what’s proven about the health benefits of honey. I don’t eat much sugar so I don’t buy these products often, but it’s worth noting that the owner of DeGolier’s cooks free pancakes during every market.

The market is every Saturday from 10am-1pm in the winter and spring at the Masonic Lodge. It’s 9am-1pm in the summer and fall next to the Opera House.

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