Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Tim Hortons

Has there ever been a more ridiculous conversation to have? Debating the differences between corporations that sell the exact same product with vaguely different flavors?

Here’s the thing: Aldi sells a pound of organic coffee for $4.50. It’s at least as good as what any of those other companies sell. Most people can make that pound of coffee last for two weeks, making your weekly coffee expense $2.25 (almost the price Starbucks charges for one serving!).

Let’s say you buy a medium coffee from Starbucks every day for $2.10. by the end of the week you would have spent $14.70. By switching to Aldi and brewing your coffee at home you save $12.45 per week.

If you invest that savings into low-cost mutual funds, in ten years you’ll have made $9,362.40. I kid you not. (Again, worth remembering that I’m not a financial adviser.)

Full disclosure: I brew Starbucks coffee at home because I’ve been able to buy a lot of their coffee with gift cards people have kindly given me.

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