Analyzing “Morning wood”

On Thursday I published a blog post called “Morning wood.” The statistics are in:

Already it is the third-most clicked-on post this month and the eighth-most clicked-on post this year. This is an impressive performance.

Here’s the interesting part: zero people ‘liked’ or shared the post on social media. Granted, the post did not lend itself to being talked about, but it does make clear that ‘liking’ is not the same thing as showing interest. And showing interest is certainly not the same thing as caring.

Here’s the more intereresting part: there was an important link at the bottom of the article about how to increase testosterone levels. That link was clicked on six times. It’s those six people I was trying to reach with that post. Those six people might change their behavior and live better lives, because those six people care.

Be careful if you’re optimizing for ‘likes’ on social media (think: pictures of your face on Instagram) because it’s a world apart from caring.

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