Why are you even at Fredonia?

Because it’s probably not to learn. If it were only to learn you could do it way more cheaply online. Your 4-year, $80,000 education could be had for $1,500. You could even do it in a year if you were motivated.

So lets be clear: You didn’t come to Fredonia only to learn. Here are some other reasons you might have come:

To train as an alcoholic. No student would say it this way, but lots of college students in the United States behave as if this is the goal.

Because my parents told me to. This is a tricky one, because parents often know better than we do.

To get a college degree. A perfectly worthy reason to go to college. A bachelor’s degree is still the easiest ticket to a higher income if you can afford it.

Because I want to learn a skill. It’s hard to train as an electrician online.

Because the job I want requires it. Another worthy reason. If you want to be a teacher in New York you have to spend several years jumping through hoops.

I want to meet people who think differently than I do. Not many students could articulate this, but it can be an enormous benefit of going to college.

I want to be surrounded by people who have high standards. The way I’m seeing it, this is the greatest potential benefit of going to college. It’s only a potential benefit though, because you have to intentionally seek these people out.

Some students will recognize the importance of finding a culture with high standards, but many won’t get past the alcoholic imperative.

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