Getting abs for Florida

We’ve noticed a large uptick of students visiting the fitness center this week. I suspect they’re all heading to Florida for Spring Break, wanting their stomachs to look just a little bit better before they put a swimsuit on.

Of course, the best time to start training to get abs was over a year ago; there’s nothing you can do in a week’s time to change how your body looks. All you can do at this point is feel better about how your body looks. Consciously or unconsciously, that’s what everyone is doing this week: feeling better about their bodies.

And if you can feel better about how your body looks instantaneously, why go to the gym at all?

I’m all in favor of going to the gym–I go every day–but you ought to be all in or all out: 365 days/year or 0 days/year.

This takes some self-reflection: Do you want to change your body or you want to accept it?

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