5 exercises all Fredonia athletes do

There are way more similarities than differences in how Fredonia’s athletes train for different sports. These five exercises come up at some point in every student-athlete’s program:

1) Dumbbell split squat

It might be an alternative to a front squat, a back squat, or a progression to a rear-foot elevated split squat, but this lower body exercise is a staple for us. Easy to learn, safe to do.

2) Push-up / Chin-up

With rare exception, every athlete ought to be able to handle their own body weight.

3) Single-leg deadlift

A safe alternative to the traditional deadlift, which causes more back injuries than I’m comfortable with.

4) Inverted row

An important exercise for postural balance and shoulder health.

5) Jumping

Plyometrics are important even in non-jumping sports–they help athletes run faster, skate faster, and generally do everything with more power.

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