How to make a tweet go viral

First, tweet a lot. Your odds of getting a tweet to go viral increase in proportion to the number of tweets you send.

Second, make your tweet applicable to the average person. It needs to be average if it’s going to attract the attention of the masses.

Third, throw in something clever. Depreciating humor, sarcasm, and your latest political opinion are all good options.

Eventually you’re bound to create a viral tweet.

Or. . .

First, tweet infrequently. Make your audience crave the next one.

Second, make your tweet specific. Make it for a specific person or a specific group of people. Make it unlikely that anyone else will care.

Third, throw in something helpful, funny, or memorable–something only that group of people will understand.

If you succeed, every tweet you send will “go viral”, and the metrics will become obsolete.

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