The fan bus

Fredonia Men’s Hockey will play Geneseo on Saturday night for a SUNYAC Championship. Clearly, it’s an important game.

It’s important because if we beat Geneseo on Saturday it will be our school’s first SUNYAC Championship since 2008. It’s important because if we win it will give our student-athletes an enormous sense of accomplishment and give our other teams hope that they can achieve it too.

But most of all, “We” is important, because there aren’t many things a college campus can collectively identify with outside of sports.

With diversity on Fredonia’s campus growing each year, inclusion has become a growing issue alongside it, as The Leader wrote about back in November:

“With the recent spike in enrollment and a more diverse student body coming in, the biggest issue seems to be creating an environment of acceptance and understanding. What good is having a more diverse group of students if it’s rampant with hate and ignorance?


Diversity is evident on campus and in the resident halls. Opening your eyes and ears on campus will present you people of many different appearances and many different backgrounds. Diversity is apparent to the naked eye, but what is lacking is the breaking down of barriers and integration of diversity into different settings. While the campus is not far off from national averages with regard to racial diversity, the campus setting enables cliques to form in which diversity is lacking within groups.”

Creating a welcoming campus is everyone’s responsibility. To do so you need to put yourself in situations where you can talk to people of different backgrounds.

Enter the fan bus.

On Saturday at 4 p.m. a bus will leave from the Dods Hall parking lot for the game in Geneseo. It will be made up of people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives than you. Today is the last day to register–here is more information on how.

Sure, you could drive to Geneseo with your friends (who are probably just like you), or you could stay home and play video games with your friends (who are probably just like you).

Or you could get to know people who are not just like you.

[If it’s any help, I will be on the fan bus too.]

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