Congratulations Fredonia Hockey

Fredonia Hockey beat Plattsburgh in the first round of the SUNYAC Tournament on Wednesday. They weren’t favored, but they won anyways.

They beat Oswego–a team ranked fifth in the country–in the second round last night. Again they weren’t favored, but they won anyways.

Congratulations boys, you’ve made it an exciting week to be a fan of Fredonia.

I’ve gotten to know the coaches and players on this team over the past two years, and here’s the part that I’m most impressed with: Had they lost, the coaches would have shown up on Monday and gotten back to work, looking to improve. Athletes would have walked into the weight room, looking to improve.

That’s the definition of professionalism, as Steve Pressfield describes in The War of Art:

“The professional self-validates. She is tough-minded. In the face of indifference or adulation, she assesses her stuff coldly and objectively. Where it fell short, she’ll improve it. Where it triumphed, she’ll make it better still. She’ll work harder. She’ll be back tomorrow.” (p. 88).

I sent a congratulations e-mail to the head coach this morning. The succinct response I got (not verbatim) reflects the mind of a professional:

“We simply executed our plan.”

Nothing fancy–just the smart, sustained work of a professional.

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