Of course your team has cliques. It’s a rare team that doesn’t.

Group formation is a natural part of the human experience. Humans are wired to find groups of people with similar worldviews and seek status over other groups. Humans love status, as I wrote about yesterday.

The real problem is how we perceive the word “clique”. It might be better to use the word “tribe”.

Republicans and Democrats are tribes of humans that interact to make our country a better place. White Supremacists and Black Lives Matter activists function as cliques–their worldviews are so opposed that they can’t interact, so they fight instead. (I do not mean to put those two ideologies on the same moral pedestal–this is just an analogy).

In English soccer, Manchester United fans and Liverpool fans are tribes of humans that interact to create a spectacular display of human drama. Soccer riots occur when those fans forget that the drama wasn’t real. They start acting like cliques, so they fight.

In today’s world there’s no good reason to fight, and no good reason for cliques. But tribes will always exist, and it’s essential that those tribes interact for everyone’s betterment.

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