Do you really want a boyfriend?

I don’t think you do. Not really.

I think what you really want is the feeling of intimacy, and it turns out that intimacy can be felt just as easily with a stranger as with an intimate partner.

That’s the theory behind Lisa Daron’s project, “The Connection Cure,” her journey across the country to teach people about the power of “micro-moments” of human connection:

“A micro-moment is a genuine positive exchange, not just with a loved one or intimate partner, but with a stranger. And this psychologist Barbara Fredrickson discovered that in a micro-moment, what happens in your body is the exact same thing that happens when you’re with your intimate partner.


What becomes possible when we look at every human being we see as an opportunity for health and wellness? What changes? Does it change the way we look at people? Will it make us look at someone differently we know that in a micro-moment of connection we can biochemically change our bodies?”

Instead of spending this Valentine’s Day wallowing in perceived loneliness, watch Barbara Fredrickson’s TED Talk, “Remaking Love” and change the way you think about love forever.

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