The exercise that will get you abs

This exercise might help, as might this one, but no exercise will get you abs if you’re not at or below 12% body fat. Getting to 12% body fat requires significant change to your diet.

Most people are not comfortable with change. They’d rather have a magical exercise or a  magical 21-day diet that gives them short-term hope.

Do you hang out with people who drink beer all the time? Consistent beer consumption makes abs hard to get. You might have to give up your beer-drinking friends if you want abs. That’s uncomfortable.

Do you hang out with people who eat garbage all the time? Same thing. You are you hang with.

Be very honest with yourself if you’re not at the point where you’re willing to change, and stop asking me how to get abs.

[Tomorrow at 2:10 p.m., as part of Professional Development Day, I’m giving a presentation called “The Basics of Exercise” in Williams Center S204D.]

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