The Fishbowl


This is an old picture of “The Fishbowl,” a room in the Mathematical Sciences Department in Fenton Hall.

The room is somewhat cramped, the lighting poor, the decorations handmade, and for a long time the furniture was decades old. And yet, The Fishbowl is the envy of faculty members around Fredoina’s campus. Why?

Because immediately surrounding The Fishbowl are faculty offices. Math students have a space they enjoy working in with their professors ten steps away. A simple tweak in architecture has allowed relationships to blossom between students and faculty.

More proof that relationships trump aesthetics.

A few years ago I went to London to see my cousin. On our tour he showed me beautiful building after beautiful building, each with a captivating story. It was breathtaking.

But just last week the British government appointed a “Minister for Loneliness” after reports surfaced that nine million people in the country frequently feel lonely, which has been proven to be worse for long-term health than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

It seems the people inside the fancy buildings aren’t enjoying them very much.

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