How to pick your classes

“When a lot of people pick their classes they just think, “Which class is easiest? Which teacher will give me an easy ‘A’?” I think it’s important to take something that you’re interested in, and if you don’t get an ‘A’ you don’t get an ‘A.’ . . . A lot of people are too scared to pick up minors because they don’t want to ruin their GPA, but I think it’s important to learn as much as you can and expand your horizons.” ~ From my interview with sophomore swimmer, Alyson Baumann

Baumann’s advice is the first idea to consider when picking classes. The second is to do at a time when you’re well-rested, because even the best teacher can’t help you learn on only five hours of sleep.

Know thyself. If you know you won’t discipline yourself to go to bed early, don’t take a class early in the morning if you can help it.

If you can’t help it there are only two options: discipline yourself to go to bed earlier, or be tired, doing everything in your life less effectively.

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