Walking up the Thompson staircase

Even though you’re a college athlete you still get tired walking up the Thompson staircase. Why? Because your sport probably doesn’t involve walking up stairs.

This is known as the “principle of specificity.”

The best way to become a better soccer player is to play soccer. In the meantime you can create your own workouts that mimic it with a combination of long sprints, runs, jogs, and walks.

The best way to become a better volleyball player is to play volleyball. In the meantime you can create workouts with a lot of jumping, short sprints, and if you know proper form, heavy, low-rep lifts.

To be a better swimmer you need water.

Strength and conditioning is a nice supplement to whatever sport you’re training for, but there’s nothing more specific than the activity itself.

Only the stair-walking team doesn’t get tired walking up Thompson’s staircase.

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