Why you’re in college

You tell yourself a story about why you went to college: “My parents made me,” or, “I want to be a teacher,” or “I want to make a lot of money.” That’s certainly one reason why, but there’s a more fundamental reason:

A democracy requires educated citizens to make informed decisions about our collective future. 

So I was concerned yesterday when I heard a student say this: “I don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the world. There’s nothing we can do about it anyways, so why worry?”

There’s something to be said for ignoring sensationalist media and the 24-hour news cylce–it’s not worth paying attention to the building that burned down in Alabama or what your favorite politician tweeted this morning.

But I get concerned about the number of students who are apathetic about their ability to create change in the world.

After all, that’s the whole point.

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