Three ways to ruin your life

1) Pay attention to how many ‘likes’ you get on your social media posts instead of how your posts affect other people.

2) Care about your GPA instead of what you’re learning.

3) Worry about your future instead of being right here, right now.

How to not ruin your life? I’ll let Adam Robinson, co-founder of the Princeton Review, take this one:

“First, whenever possible, connect with others. Second, with enthusiasm, strive always to create fun and delight for others. And third, lean into each moment and encounter expecting magic — or miracles.

This discovery so profoundly altered my life path — revealing for the first time my true mission on this planet — that I now divide my life into two periods: pre-discovery of ‘others’ and post-discovery. Now, I so eagerly look forward to leaving my home each day, wondering what magic I’ll create encountering others, that I can scarcely contain myself. My days now have a natural rhythm between introversion and extroversion that is akin to breathing: when I am alone, inhaling my ideas, and then exhaling with others.”

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