“OMG you are so perfect!”


Yesterday I came across this passage by Soman Chainani in Tim Ferriss’s new book, Tribe of Mentors:

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?
There’s a dazzling short story by Ted Chiang called ‘Liking What You See’ that did a number on me. The story asserts that beauty has become a modern-day superdrug, that with filtered and face-tuned social media, retouched models on advertisements, and rampant pornography, we’ve overloaded the senses so that our natural instincts can no longer recognize or react to real beauty anymore. And it’s making us confused and miserable, both in how we judge ourselves and how we judge others. That crystal clear warning — beauty is literally ruining our lives — has improved my life tenfold just by making me consciously aware of it (and by making me ignore 90 percent of what’s on Instagram).”

Here is the link to Chaing’s “Liking What You See”. I’m halfway done and it’s blowing my mind.

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