A special announcement for winter break

Winter break is five weeks long. Those five weeks can be productive, creative, and fun, or they can be boring, repetitive, and purposeless. It depends on the routines you follow over those 35 days.

For the next five weeks I will publish five articles about the five routines I follow each day in order to feel energetic, creative, and productive. One article will be sent each Friday by e-mail. They won’t be published publicly.

If you want to receive these articles type your e-mail address into this Google Form:


I will never use your e-mail address to spam you, though you’ll be the first to know if I ever do something like this again.

The deadline to register is this Friday (12/15) at 11:59 p.m. The first article, titled “My morning routine” will be sent out on December 22nd.

To a healthy, energetic holiday.

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