The problem of parking on campus

But in fact, there is no problem of parking on campus; there is an over-reliance on cars. I’m going to repeat this, because it might be the last time in your entire life you come across this idea:

People use cars too much. Way too much. We are addicted to convenience.

I ride my bike to work most days, but this morning I walked because there’s snow in the forecast. “But Ryan, It’s only 30 degrees outside!” I know, don’t worry, I wore a jacket.

Yes, I’m environmentally-conscious, but that’s not my primary motivation. My motivation is financial; avoiding cars saves me a ton of money.

This quote is from Mr. Money Mustache’s article “The True Cost of Commuting,” referencing a married couple’s 40-minute daily commutes:

“After 10 years, multiplied across two cars since they have different work schedules, this decision (to commute) would cost them about $125,000 in wealth (if they had for example chosen to put the $19/day into extra payments on their mortgage), and 1.3 working years worth of time, EACH, spent risking their lives daily behind the wheel.”

$125,000 over 10 years! That money could be worth $354,927 if it were invested in the stock market. In 20 years it could be worth over one million. If you don’t know what investing is, read this: “4 best ways to invest in your 20’s,” and “The True Cost of Commuting,” is a must-read if you’ve gotten this far.

I’m sorry for being dogmatic, I just think it’s silly to drive a car everywhere.

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