My belly jiggles when I jump

And your thighs probably jiggle when you jump.

And your arm jiggles when you shake it back and forth.

And you have that small piece of fat by your armpit you’d rather not notice.

It’s possible to get rid of these “deficiencies” if you know what to do and have enough willpower to follow through. But 99% of the time you don’t: you either haven’t learned enough or you quit too soon. That’s why washboard abs, thigh gaps, and toned arms are so rare–almost nobody wants to do the work to get them. I rarely engage in the conversation when an athlete asks me how to lose a certain piece of fat, because I know she’s highly unlikely to follow through.

And that’s fine, because there’s a great alternative to perfection: be okay with “good enough,” however you define it. Then, direct the rest of your energy to what you want to be incredible at.

As for me, I have too many things I want to accomplish to worry about washboard abs.

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